It all starts with a feeling...

Return to your heart to bring your intentions to life.

When You Attend, You Will Learn...


To the deep feelers with a desire to serve…  


… feeling stuck—in a job or relationship—that doesn’t fit.
… unclear about what you want next (and it’s driving you crazy).
… wanting to shine, but your heart feels a bit cloudy.


We all want to know our true power, to make clear decisions. You can’t over-think your way out of confusion and into clarity (that’s called spinning your wheels). You have to feel your way into it. Your intelligence is in your heart center.


The HEART-CENTERING Practice is medicine for our nervous system, and creative fuel for our desires.


When you’re not feeling the way you want to feel, this practice helps you generate the heart energy necessary to embody your Core Desired Feelings. It’s a very simple ritual that draws on your breath, compassion, presence, gratitude, and your personal Core Desired Feelings to:

• get back to your heart intelligence when you’re feeling unfocused or anxious, and
• vitalize your self-agency by tapping into your self-love, free will, and Core Desired Feelings.

You have the power to choose how you feel. And HEART-CENTERING is a daily practice to bring you back to your true power.


Return to your center.
Get clear on what your heart wants.
Then—awaken your self-agency to make it happen.